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The Vivac RCS Record Cleaning Machine Range

Why Choose Us?

  • Fantastic cleaning results
  • A small attractive design
  • It's quiet & quick
  • It's built to last!

Pristine Vinyl RCS Record Cleaning System

Fantastic cleaning results.

Used with Pristine Vinyl’s Deep Clean Solution, the precision vacuum nozzle lifts dirt and contaminants from deep within the record’s grooves. As all contaminants are lifted up away from the grooves, there is no chance of impacting them, further damaging the record you are cleaning.

Prolong the life of your records and stylus.

A well cleaned record will not only sound better but will sound better for longer. Dirt and dust are abrasive so the last thing you want to do is drag it round the grooves using a delicate and invariably expensive stylus.

A tried and tested method of cleaning.

The ViVac vinyl record cleaning machine has been developed using a tried and tested record cleaning method that has been around for several decades. Using a precision nozzle and motorised vacuum arm, this has been the cleaning system of choice for radio stations, broadcasters and archivists all around the world for the last 40 years.

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Pristine Vinyl RCS Record Cleaning System

A small attractive design.

Allows you to leave it out by your system. If it’s set up permanently you’ll use it so no more scrabbling around the attic or under the stairs to dig your old vinyl cleaner out for the infrequent rainy Sunday cleaning sessions.

A safer method of cleaning.

Dust and dirt are abrasive and applying pressure to the record’s surface using a brush or felt strip contaminated with dirt can easily lead to damage. By using a precision vacuum nozzle, only small forces are applied to the record’s surface greatly limiting any chance of damage.

Simple to use.

The machine comes out of the box ready to go and you’ll be cleaning records in no time. The ViVac RCS2 has a unique cleaning fluid application system which ensures that there is no waste and no mess.

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Pristine Vinyl RCS Record Cleaning System

It’s Quiet.

Unlike some record cleaning machines, the ViVac RCS is quiet enough to listen to records while you clean. There is no more waiting for the neighbours to go out or being relegated to the garage or out-house.

It’s Quick.

Taking about 3 minutes to clean an LP and when removed the record is dry enough to cue up and play. The ViVac RCS can also clean 7” and 10” records with no alteration or fuss.

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Pristine Vinyl RCS Record Cleaning System

It’s built to last.

The ViVac RCS is built around a solid real-wood plinth. Every element has been designed and selected to offer fantastic and reliable results. With engineering quality ball-race bearings, industrial motors and purpose made arm and platter, the ViVac range should offer years of trouble free service.

Nothing Dirty touches the record.

You wouldn’t clean your car with dirty water or a dirty sponge so why would you clean your delicate vinyl records in this way? Unlike most vinyl record cleaning machines that should have the brushes or strips replaced after cleaning every side of a record, the ViVac RCS relies on a precision nozzle raised from the record’s surface with a specialist thread. With each clean, the thread is replaced automatically ensuring no re-contamination can take place. In addition to this, the cleaning solution is never re-used so again, there is no chance of re-contamination.

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The Pristine Team


    The saying goes ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’.

    That sentiment was the reason for creating my company and the reason we design, manufacture and sell one of the finest record cleaning machines available anywhere in the world today. As a long time passionate vinyl lover, the age old question, how best to clean my extensive and largely irreplaceable collection was never far from my mind. While there is no shortage of machines available on the market, none seemed suitable either by way of the method of cleaning or the shear scale and industrial nature of their design. For these and other reasons, we designed and developed the ViVac Range of Record Cleaning Machines which are manufactured by us in the UK and are sold by us directly to our customers throughout the world via our secure online shop ensuring excellent customer service throughout the whole process.

    Chief Designer
    An uncompromising attitude to design

    With a very successful career spanning over 50 years in engineering and product design, James was perfectly placed to bring the initial ViVac design proposal to life. Due to his uncompromising attitude to design, the integral parts of the machines have all been developed and manufactured to work solely within our ViVac range. While there is always a temptation to use parts from donor turntables such as bearings, motors and platters, this was avoided in preference to a bespoke solution ensuring excellent cleaning results, longevity of use and a product you can be proud to own.

    Accounts and Administration
    "Administrators are invariably seen as the unsung heroes"

    Given how busy we have become since starting Pristine Vinyl Ltd, Sue has been more involved in the administrative and accounts side of the business which frees us up to offer our customers the very best service we can whilst keeping up with manufacture and ensuring a very high level of quality control is maintained. Administrators are invariably seen as the unsung heroes of any company or organisation but Sue is an integral part of our business ensuring its smooth operation. Dealing with our accounts, shipping, enquiries and much much more, she brings her specific skills to bear on an important but often overlooked part of the organisation.

    Consultant Designer
    “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.””― Steve Jobs

    Mark runs his own Design Agency. He has worked very closely with Pristine Vinyl almost since its inception. Providing us with CGI graphics and animations, developing our website and producing our adverts, manuals and sales literature; while not a direct employee of our company, his work has been fundamental to getting us to where we are today and will continue to work with us to help us well into the future.

    Pristine Vinyl’s Mascot
    “Woof, Woof!

    While not directly in Pristine Vinyl’s employ, Frank loves to spend time at our factory due to his comfortable bed along with a deep love of popping bubble wrap which, however we hide it, he still manages to find. He also reminds us that work should be fun which it is here at Pristine Vinyl Ltd and gets us out, whatever the weather for walks.

    Various and Numerous
    “We select the very best components for the RCS range"

    We have built a great relationship with a number of local parts manufacturers and suppliers including engineering workshops who produce the machined parts for us, a wood CNC workshop who cut our real timber plinths and vacuum formers who create the dust and base covers and so on. Due to their excellent work, our machines have not only been designed to offer fabulous cleaning results but also ensure a great finished product that would sit comfortably in anyone’s listening or front room.
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What Our Customers Say

  • "Yes the machine was very simple to use, it looks fabulous and is very quiet. Several records have been restored
    Roger - Cardiff
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