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  • Record Cleaning Machine RCS2
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Pristine Vinyl are taking a well earned break and will be relocating to Europe over the next few months.  While this is taking place, the sale of our ViVac Range will be put on hold.   Manufacture and sales will resume in early 2019 when we have set up new facilities.
If you are one of our current customers, don't panic.  Replacement thread, Application Brushes and Cleaning Fluid is still fully available, simply follow the link for more information.
Any support, service or Warranty repairs will continue during our relocation so for current customers there is not need to worry as you'll still benefit from Pristine Vinyl's great after sales service.
If you require more information or need our Warranty or repair service then please contact us at enuiries@pristinevinyl.com 

What Our Customers Say

  • "Yes the machine was very simple to use, it looks fabulous and is very quiet. Several records have been restored
    Roger - Cardiff
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